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The impact of homework on the learning module of students is under serious debate. A second-grade teacher in 2016 in Texas announced abolishing of homework and a section of her parents and students were happy about this; her decision was based on the reasoning that there is no proof that homework enhances student’s learning.

In 2017, a Florida school district superintendent replaced homework with 20 minutes of nightly reading which she said was based on research findings which was best for the students. This affected 42,000 students.

Similar policies have been adopted by several elementary schools that see no benefits in homework to the students learning curriculum. The question to ask now is: “Why is homework not boosting the learning process?” Is there nothing good in homework for students? Supporters of homework are quick to point out that even if homework does not increase grades or score tests; it provides a window of opportunity for parents to know what the kids are doing in school as well as foster good study habits among the students.

The arguments above have merits; but what about academic performance? Now, if a child wants to learn to play the violin, the child has to study at home between lessons. It is a fact which is very clear to every adult. There is a range of strategies developed by 123homework that can be adopted which will help the learning process according to physiologists that are suited for homework.

The retrieval practice is a perfect example in support of how homework can impact learning in students. When students are taught lessons in class; they will require a space in time to test their grasps of what they have learned during the lesson and this test can only be carried outside the school hours at home during homework. Research shows that this is a powerful mode of testing the ability of students.

The target in retrieval assignments is on what the students have learned during the day and answers to such can be gotten by the students without consulting their notes. Most teachers do not know about this method of assignment and the reason why they are not able to impact the students through the assignments that they give.

Another problem why most research findings do not see any positive impact on the learning process is because of the measure of the achievements that are used by researchers. The research relied upon by those that are in opposition to homework agree that homework impacts positively on middle and high school levels. They see no positive impact on the elementary school stage of learning.

A study in math homework shows that it boosts learning in elementary school than in middle school. It has been proven that students whose parents are poor make a useful impact on their studies with the help of homework and assistance from their parents. Students from families with little education are more in need of homework when compared to their colleagues.

Final Take

It can be seen that homework has benefit for the students. The missing link lies in teachers not knowing the manner of assignments to give as homework to their students.

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